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Discover a world of color,
relaxation, and creativity.

Pigment offers a true coloring experience, and is the premiere adult coloring app for iPad, iPhone & Android.


Download today and explore your mobile coloring studio.




Use our realistic and creative brushes and fills to unlock your creativity! Try the Watercolor, Oil, or Pastel brushes for realistic results. Or use the Plasma and Glitter brushes to create fantastic and fun effects! And with Pigment’s tap-to-fill mode, you can color and relax with the ease of color-by-number, but without the limitations.


Apple Pencil Support

• Use an Apple Pencil, or virtually any other stylus.

• An immersive and realistic coloring experience.

• Easy pressure, direction, and stroke adjustments.

• Leave that box of pencils and erasers in the closet!


Start with tap-to-fill, and advance from there.

• Relax and color with ease using simple tap-to-fill tools.

• Color with a variety of fills. Metallic, bloom, fade and more.

• Easily add dimension using the airbrush or marker brushes.

• Multiple undos make creative experimentation stress-free!

30 Coloring Tools

Pencil - Airbrush - Fill - Marker - Circle - Pillow - Metallic - Splatter - Watercolor - Swirl - Braid - Laser - Halftone - Wood - Sand - Sunflower - Graphite - Bloom - Fade - Plasma - Concrete - Serpentine - Glitter - Pastel - Blender - Paintbrush - Technical Pen - Blur - Oil - Eraser


A virtually unlimited palette of colors.

• Always find the perfect shade using the color wheel.

• Professionally curated color palettes capture every mood.

• Create and save your own unique and personal color palettes.

• There are colors ready to use for rainbows, sunsets, and more!


We’ve got the pages you’re looking for.

With the largest artwork collection available in any coloring app, you can choose from over 5,000 professionally illustrated pages covering dozens of categories, including exclusively licensed content from Disney, Marvel, and The Jim Henson Company (Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal and Farscape).

We’re always seeking out new and exciting collaborations with well-known artists such as Steve McDonald and Remco Bakker. And with free coloring pages added every day, the collection just keeps growing!


Our own little artist colony.

Come share, chat, and explore with our welcoming and supportive community of colorists! In the Pigment Gallery, you can share your work, as well as discover, follow, like and comment on art by fellow artists. Share and solicit tips, tricks, support, and friendly feedback. All within the Pigment app! (Currently only available for iOS.)


We’re here to help.

We want you to succeed, and provide a number of easy-to-follow tutorials and advanced artist-made process videos for tips, tricks, and inspiration.


User Guides


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Pigment to colorize black and white photos?

A: With Pigment's grayscale coloring mode, you can import black and white pictures and add color to them using Pigment's robust coloring tools.

Q: What are some of the benefits of coloring?

A: People have found coloring to be an effective way to reduce stress and increase mindfulness. We've also seen that people that take time to color on a regular basis have increased creativity. And at it's simplest, coloring is just a fun way to pass the time!

Q: What are the advantages to using a coloring app instead of a traditional coloring book?

A: With Pigment, you can color any time you'd like, as long as you have your mobile device handy. There are no pencils or crayons to carry around, you don't need a desk, and you can simply "undo" something if you're not happy with the result. Also, with a subscription, you gain access to even more creative brushes and fills! All this without having to carry a backpack full of painting and art supplies. 

Q: I'm interested in improving my coloring. Can you help?

A: We have an amazing library of tutorials and process videos on our YouTube channel, and we're always adding more. You can also find inspiration and community in the Pigment Gallery, where fellow colorists share tips, tricks, and friendly advice.


Download and unleash the creative genius in you.