iPad User Guide

Getting Started


Pigment is a free to download app with over 5,000 designs and over 28 brushes and fills. Unlock all the designs, features, and your true coloring potential with the Premium Access subscription.


Home Screen

In the Home Screen you will be presented with the New Books and the curated Editor’s Choice categories. You will also find a selection of pages to get started coloring quickly.


Library Screen

To search through a category that interests you, swipe up to scroll through the books.

When you’ve found a design you’d like to color select it and the coloring page will open.


Favorites Screen

If you've favorited books, you can find them in your Favorites Library.

Select the book that interests you, and the coloring page thumbnails will appear for you to choose which design in that book you wish to color.

Coloring A Design

Learn the different tools and coloring modes and how to maneuver the art board.

Coloring Screen


Color Palette Menu

The color palette menu is where you find the colors to help bring your chosen design to life.

Don’t remember which color you used previously? Look in Recent Colors or use the Sample tool by selecting the color in your design you want to use again.

Sampling Tool

You can sample a color anytime you need with this shortcut. Long press on your coloring page until the color indicator appears. Once you've decided on the color you want to use tap Done.


Coloring Tools

In the Tools panel you will find the available Brushes and Fills. Swipe through the menus to find the perfect brush or fill.

Eraser Tool

Found under the Fills and Brushes is the Eraser tool. You are given the same Opacity and Brush Size options to tailor the Eraser to your preference.


Settings Menu

In the Settings Menu you will find the different Color Modes, but we'll review those in the next section.


Control Panel Options

At the top right of the coloring screen you will find the Control Options menu. Tap the options icon and you will be presented with two options. You can flip the tools panel to the left or hide the controls completely.


Hide Control Panel

Select Hide Controls to give yourself a clutter free coloring experience. You'll still have the ability to use the color wheel with this setting on.

Open the Control Options to unhide the controls.


Flip Control Panel

If you select Flip Controls you'll move the Tools panel from the right to the left or from the left to the right.


Info Screen

Access to the Info screen can be found at the top of the coloring screen, Home screen, and Library screen. From here you can access the user guide, learn help color tips, and even manage your subscription.

Coloring Modes

With three coloring modes you can tailor your coloring experience.


Color any area and Pigment with automatically keep your coloring within the lines of that area as long as you don’t lift up from the screen.



No limitations, just the freedom to color however you want.

Perfect for small areas or filling in large sections of a design.



Select an area you want to color and Pigment will keep you inside the lines even if you lift your finger or stylus off from the screen.

It’s the perfect setting if you like to blend colors or use more advanced coloring techniques. Select outside the area to release the borders.


Advanced (Multi-Select)

A feature built into the Advanced coloring mode is the ability to select multiple areas to color at once.

To activate this function tap and hold the area you wish to color. Once that area has the dotted lines surrounding it, you can tap the additional areas you want to color at the same time.

When you’re finished coloring select Done.

Color Wheel

Create your own custom colors and color palettes.


New Color Palette

To create your custom color palette select New Palette from the Color Palette panel.

From the panel that appears, you are able to create a color palette with up to 16 colors. Select the New Color icon do add a color to your palette. This menu also gives you the option to add a color that is sampled from the design.

When you are done assembling your palette select the check mark at the top.


New Color Palette Continued

After you are finished creating your palette you can name your palette to easily find in the My Colors menu.


My Colors

When you have created your first color palette, the My Colors tab will appear in the Color Palette menu. Here you will find the custom palettes you have created.

From this panel you can create a new palette and Delete, Copy, or Edit an existing palette.

Maneuvering Your Artwork

A few easy gestures help you to position your design for easier coloring.



To enlarge the design for easier coloring of small areas you’ll use your index finger and thumb to zoom in and out.



To rotate your design you’ll use your index finger and thumb. Place your fingers on the screen and turn to rotate the design.



To move the art board around the screen, use two fingers. You can then move your fingers in the direction you wish to move the design.

Sharing And Saving

Learn how to share and save your designs.



When you’re done with your design, Pigment gives you the options to share your design several different ways.

To access this window, select the checkmark icon at top of the coloring screen.

From the options given you can now share your designs to your social media accounts or the Pigment Gallery.

My Work

Learn how to delete designs to free up space, copy designs, or post to the Gallery

My Work

To find all the designs that you’ve started or completed, the My Work screen is where those are stored.

My Work has several other useful features that allow you to Copy, Share, and Delete your designs. To access these options, tap the design you wish to use. A new menu will appear giving you access to those options.

iCloud Sync

Losing your hard work is never fun. Pigment now includes iCloud syncing, so as long as your device has automatic iCloud syncing activated, you'll never lose your work again.


Learn to import designs from your device, taken by your camera, or stored in a cloud service.



Pigment allows you to import photos and designs you’ve created or purchased.

Two avenues of importing are offered.

Load Photo

Color images you have stored on your device.

Take a Picture

Use the device's camera to take a picture you wish to color.


Load Photo: Crop & Rotate

When using Load Photo, Pigment will open your device's gallery.

1. Select the image you wish to color

2. The Crop & Rotate screen will open. Here you can position the design to your preference. (Zoom in and out the same way as in the coloring screen.)

3. Select Crop when you're finished.


Load Photo: Adjust

In the adjust screen you can change the thickness of the line work. There are three settings: Original, Light, and Bold.

You can zoom closer to better see the change in line thickness. For this example we will go with the Original setting.

Select Done when finished and the design will open in the coloring screen.


Come share, chat, and explore our warm and supportive community of colorists! In the Gallery, you can discover and like amazing art by others, find fellow colorists to follow, and leave friendly comments for everyone to see!


Accessing The Gallery

The Gallery can be accessed from either the My Work screen or from the bottom menu.


Getting Started

You can create an account in the Gallery using your Email or either your Facebook or Google accounts.

Age verification is required upon signing up. Users must be 13 years old or older to interact in the Gallery.


Sign Up

If you elected to use your email to create your account you will be asked to create a password.


Create A Username

After you created your password you will then be asked to create your username.


Profile Image

After you have created your username you will then be promoted to pick a profile image. You can pick an image from your device’s Photos.


Gallery View

Once you have created your account will be taken to the Popular page of the Gallery. Here you will see the posts from other fellow colorsits that are highly regarded with-in the community.

You can also access the Recents and the Following tabs from this screen.


Post View

Tap a post to add a comment or to view the other comments users have written.

Activity Feed

Once you are signed up for the Gallery the Activity icon will appear in the lower screen menu. Here you will be notified when other colorists follow you or like or comment on an image you have posted.

You can also Follow or Unfollow other colorists from the Activity Feed.


My Work Settings

From the Settings Menu in the My Work section, you have the ability to turn on or off several different notifications.




Outside of Gallery settings you can also set up notifications to remind you to color and to be notified when new content has arrived in the Library.

There are also coloring settings found in this menu. Here you can enable Two-Finger Undo as well as to color with only the Apple Pencil.

Posting To The Gallery


From The Coloring Screen

When you have finished coloring an image you can post it directly from the Coloring Screen, by tapping on the check mark at the top of the screen.


Post Message

To finish posting your coloring to the Gallery, write a description and then tap Post.

Your design will be instantly added to the Gallery.


Posting From The Gallery

You also have the option to post directly from the Gallery. Tap the plus icon on the top right to open your colorings.


Pick The Design And Add Your Message

Select the design you wish to post, add your description, and tap Post.


Published Tab

From the My Work screen you can see all the designs you haved posted the Gallery. Just tap the Published tab next to All Work to access them.


Post Options

Each published post has an options menu. Tap the options menu icon to open the menu. Here you can Unpublish a post from the Gallery.