Artist Spotlight: Francine Rodrigues


Francine Rodrigues brings her adorable illustrations to Pigment with her book "The Lovely Nature."

My name is Francine, I’m an illustrator and also photographer. I live in Canada, my husband and I moved a few months ago and one of the main reasons that brought us here is the contact with nature. Back in my country, we don’t have the opportunity to see squirrels and raccoons walking on the streets.

Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?
When my photos were not enough to show all love I feel for animals, I started drawing them. The starting point was when a little squirrel came to visit us at the window and he still does so almost every day.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever created?
I love my bunny and my squirrel, I’m falling in love with them always. It is so grateful when you take a long time to create something that you really enjoy.

What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative?
My photography helps me most of the time. My advice is trying drawing every single day, practice becomes perfection. I love drawing and trying to imagine these lovely creatures of nature in daily human situations.

Are there other coloring book artists or illustrators that inspire you?
There are so many for me. But a great example is Jane Chapman.

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