Artist Spotlight: Andrew Sharp


At Pixite, our main focus is developing tools for the creative individual. Our design app, Assembly, is a powerful tool, and artists have created everything from beautiful illustrations to inspired logos with it. Andrew Sharp is a designer who wrote and illustrated a meditation book for children completely in Assembly. Read on to learn more about Andrew, his book Hey Mama, and why Assembly was his tool of choice.

Hi Andrew, Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Andrew Sharp and I am a 25 year old Human Resources Coordinator for a caregiving company in Washington State. I love activities that I can combine with meditation, like drawing or hiking with my dog. I live with my girlfriend, Jenna, our dog, Genji, and our cat, Delicious, and am very grateful for our growing little family.

What made you want to create a meditation book for children?
I have been interested in meditation and secular Buddhism (particularly Zen Buddhism) since I was 19. In a lot of the literature on those subjects it is heavily referenced and implied that an objective/purpose of meditation is to partially revert to a more childlike state of open-mindedness, creativity, and compassion, while still maintaining an adult understanding and functioning. I believe that if children were given a healthy coping mechanism (in this case meditation) earlier in life, then many children would be better prepared for school and adult life. Mental health in general is such an outstanding issue that any effort towards preventative mental health care I feel is worthwhile.

How did you first learn about Assembly?
I found assembly through the App Store when looking for alternatives to the mobile versions of Adobe Illustrator and others, which operate poorly and feel more like demos and promotions for their desktop counterparts.

What about Assembly motivated you to use it as the tool for your book creation?
I am 25 years old, busy, and financially not in a position to buy the desktop computer and equipment necessary for traditional digital art projects, and so when I discovered assembly and found that it accomplished something very similar, it enabled me to complete the project using my phone.

Do you have any future books planned? I absolutely will continue writing books relating to this subject, and fully anticipate using assembly to make each of them. It has been a great help in developing marketing for the book through Instagram as well.

You can purchase a digital copy of Andrew’s Hey Mama here on Amazon.

Cayce Garrison